General questions

  • What do I need to play?

    A PC or Mac running Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave and etc. with TronLink extension.

    Download Android app for smartphones or tablets at Google Play: CryptoFlowers AR.
    The application uses Google ARCore Technologies.

  • Can I play on multiple devices?

    Yes, however you will have to have your digital wallet installed and logged in on all of them.

A digital wallet

  • Installing a digital wallet

    In order to play CryptoFlowers you will have to install TronLink - a digital wallet that manages all transactions on Tron Network.

    You’ll need to put money in your wallet before you will be able to make your first purchase.

    Digital Wallet acts as a bank account - keep it safe, do not lose your password and seed words.

  • What are seed words?

    Seed words are used to restore your account in case you forgot your password or even if your account has been deleted. Please keep them safe and do not share with others - anyone who has these seed words will be able to gain access to your account.

  • Can you change my password? Restore my account?

    No, we have no power over the Digital Wallet. We can’t change your password. Our game is built around secure technology that prevents anyone to modify contents of your wallet - your flowers will always belong to you. The drawback here is the fact that we cannot change your password, restore your account or flowers in case you have lost access to it.

  • What is wallet address?

    Public wallet address (e.g. 0xEcbb5DC26Dd7435B96A9a4AfC0A562D3745727eb) is a unique identifier for your wallet. You can share it freely with others, and it’s used to direct assets to your wallet.

Tron, a digital currency

  • How do I get Ether?

    If you are resident of U.S., you can buy Ether directly with your Digital Wallet.

    In other cases you will need to purchase Ether using different Exchanges, such as Coinbase.

  • What is Energy?

    Energy is miner fee that is used to buy computing power and fuel the Tron Network. Each time you want to write something on the Network, it requires energy to be paid for miners to make the calculations and verify everything.

Buying and Selling

  • How do I get a CryptoFlower?

    You can purchase a flower on the Expo. To do that click on “Flower Expo” button on top, then look for flowers with green cart icon - those flowers are currently being sold. Click on the flower you like and then - on “Buy now” button below to transfer it to your account.

  • How much does it cost to play CryptoFlowers?

    There are 50 000 Seedlings that appear every 10 minutes on the Expo. Their starting price is calculated as average of last 5 Seedlings sold + 50%.

    There is no fixed price required to play - players decide what to charge for their flowers on the Expo.

  • How many CryptoFlowers do I need to get started?

    Only one, but we recommend two, so you can start breeding right away.

  • Where is my Flower? My recent purchase is not showing up in my account!

    CryptoFlowers is based on Tron blockchain. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes for the blockchain to confirm transaction. Your flower will surely appear on your account right after that. You can always check your transaction status on Tronscan.

  • How do I sell my flower? Can I breed my flower with other players?

    CryptoFlowers is based on Tron blockchain. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes for the blockchain to confirm transaction. Your flower will surely appear on your account right after that. You can always check your transaction status on Tronscan.

    Click on the button next to your flower to sell or breed it.

    The auction price varies and can go down with time. When the time ends, the price stops on the low value until someone buys the flower or owner cancells the auction.

  • I sold a Flower. Where’s my ETH?

    Since CryptoFlowers is a game based on blockchain technology, every transaction has to be confirmed by the network. Depending on the net congestion, it may take some time. You can always check status of your transaction on Tronscan.

  • I can’t access my wallet. Can you recover my Flowers?

    Unfortunately, no. We have no power over your wallet and can’t change it’s contents in any way. This ensures that no one can steal your flowers from your wallet. Please always keep 12 seed words safe and use them to restore your account.


  • How do I breed my Flowers?

    To breed your own flowers click on the “Breed with my flowers” button in the breeding menu.

    Breeding costs a certain fee. This fee does not go directly to us, it is used to write a new flower on the blockchain.

    Parent flowers will need some time to recover after breeding.

  • Where’s my new flower? I bred two flowers but can’t see my new flower!

    Your new flower will appear in your garden as soon as transaction is confirmed by tron network. it will require some time to grow before you can interact with it.

  • Why does it cost TRX to breed a Flower?

    There are two parts to the cost of breeding new Flowers: a transaction fee and a birthing fee. Every transaction sent to the Tron network requires ‘energy’; the energy fee is given to Tron miners. The birthing fee is additional fee paid to developers to create the new Flowers on the blockchain.

  • How do I breed with other users’ Flowers?

    You may create a breeding auction so that other players may breed with your flower. You will have to set up starting and ending price as well as duration of the auction. When duration expires, the price will stop on low value. The auction ends when someone breeds with your flower or when you cancel the auction.

  • How often can I breed my Flowers?

    Every flower will require some time to recover after breeding. This time increases with every new breeding session. Recovery time depends on generation of the flower and total number of breeding sessions.

  • How do ‘genes’ work?

    When you breed two flowers together, your seedling will inherit something from both parents, but sometimes genes may transmute into completely new traits. For example, if you breed a green flower and a blue flower, you will receive a cyan flower.

  • Will my Flower ever become unable to breed?


  • Can my Flower breed with its siblings or parents?

    Unfortunately, no. But you may breed flowers with their grandchildren, flowers with different parents or even from different Garden.

Tips and tricks

  • What is an Extraordinary Flower? How do I make one?

    Extraordinary flower is a special flower that has a distinctive look. In order to obtain one you will have to breed a flower with a certain set of traits.

  • What determines the generation of a Flower?

    At first there are 50 000 Seedlings, which are sold by the Garden. These flowers are Generation 0 and has no parents. Each time you breed two flowers, new flower will have largest generation of parents increased by one. For example, if you breed G1 and G6 flowers, your new flower will have 6+1 = G7.

    Some flowers are Promo Flowers, those are distributed by our partners. They also have no parents and are Generation 0.

  • What is “Recovery Time”?

    Breeding flowers is not an easy task that takes a lot of power, so every flower will require some time to recover after breeding session. This recovery time increases with every breeding session this flower has.

  • My Flower stuck in “Recovering” state!

    Please keep in mind that recovery time as well as all other actions in the game is calculated on Tron Network. Even though we try to represent recovery time as accurately as possible, sometimes it takes longer due to heavy traffic on the net. Please be patient.

  • Can I send a flower to my girlfriend?

    Yes, you can! But to ensure that the flower reaches her, please make sure that she has a TronLink digital wallet.

  • What are Mutations and Pots?

    Mutations are new genes that appear when you combine certain sets of traits. Neither of parents had that mutation gene before. This is the main way to discover new traits in the game!

    Pot represent a flower that was one of the first to reveal a certain trait. For example, a flower that was first to reveal a trait, will receive an Engraved Marble Pot. Next 10 flowers will receive Marble Pot, next 100 - Green Pot, and all others will receive an ordinary Brown Pot.

  • How many possible CryptoFlowers are there?

    There will be 50 000 Seedlings appearing every 10 minutes on the expo, but there is no limit to flowers that players breed.

  • How many Flowers variations exist in total?

    Several trillions.

  • How is the CryptoFlowers team making money from Cryptoflowers?

    We take a 1% fee for each transaction between players (selling and breeding auctions) and a small Seedling fee for writing down a new flower. Currently this Seeding Fee is 0,002 ETH.

  • What is Flower Grade?

    Flowers receive Grades based on the rarity of their traits.

    Rarity is not something fixed by the developers, we prefer to use honest value that represents actual rarity of a certain trait. For example, a trait is considered rare only when it has been found in but a few flowers in the game. If majority of flowers has that trait, it is no longer rare.

    Flower Grade is calculated from rarity of all traits of the flower - with more rare traits your flower will receive a better Grade!

  • My flower’s Grade decreased! Why?

    Since rarity is calculated live based on all flowers in the game, some other flowers may discover your rare traits too. This way those traits become more and more common than rare. But worry not, we do constantly update our flowers, so new and awesome traits will show up regularly, and with them - new rare flowers!

Transactions and Technical Questions

  • What’s Tronscan?

    It is a special read-only service to track status of your transactions on Tron network.

  • Why did my transaction fail?

    Your transaction might fail if someone bought a flower right before you did. Don’t worry, your money has been reverted (except for the energy used up until the transaction failed)

  • What is ‘energy’?

    Energy is miner fee that is used to buy computing power and fuel the Tron Network. Each time you want to write something on the Network, it requires energy to be paid for miners to make the calculations and verify everything.

  • I didn’t receive ether for a sale or breeding auction.

    If you successfully sold or bred a flower through our expo, the other user definitely sent ether. Since the user paid for the sale or breeding through our smart contract, the payment is not reflected as a typical IN/OUT transaction in Tronscan. To see the ether generated from CryptoFlowers auctions, check the Internal Transactions tab in Tronscan.

  • Are CryptoFlowers like Bitcoin?

    No, it’s not a cryptocurrency. It’s a cryptocollectible. Like CryptoKitties.

My problem wasn’t addressed here. How can I contact the CryptoFlowers team?

Please visit a support page and write us a message.

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