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How to Start?

General questions

  • What do I need to play?

    A PC or Mac running Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave and etc. with TronLink extension.

    Download Android app for smartphones or tablets at Google Play: CryptoFlowers AR.
    The application uses Google ARCore Technologies.

  • Can I play on multiple devices?

    Yes, however you will have to have your digital wallet installed and logged in on all of them.

A digital wallet

  • Installing a digital wallet

    In order to play CryptoFlowers you will have to install TronLink - a digital wallet that manages all transactions on Tron Network.

    You’ll need to put money in your wallet before you will be able to make your first purchase.

    Digital Wallet acts as a bank account - keep it safe, do not lose your password and seed words.

  • What are seed words?

    Seed words are used to restore your account in case you forgot your password or even if your account has been deleted. Please keep them safe and do not share with others - anyone who has these seed words will be able to gain access to your account.

  • Can you change my password? Restore my account?

    No, we have no power over the Digital Wallet. We can’t change your password. Our game is built around secure technology that prevents anyone to modify contents of your wallet - your flowers will always belong to you. The drawback here is the fact that we cannot change your password, restore your account or flowers in case you have lost access to it.

  • What is wallet address?

    Public wallet address (e.g. 0xEcbb5DC26Dd7435B96A9a4AfC0A562D3745727eb) is a unique identifier for your wallet. You can share it freely with others, and it’s used to direct assets to your wallet.

Tron, a digital currency

  • How do I get Ether?

    If you are resident of U.S., you can buy Ether directly with your Digital Wallet.

    In other cases you will need to purchase Ether using different Exchanges, such as Coinbase.

  • What is Energy?

    Energy is miner fee that is used to buy computing power and fuel the Tron Network. Each time you want to write something on the Network, it requires energy to be paid for miners to make the calculations and verify everything.

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