1. CryptoFlowers is built on Tron Network, ether is required to fuel transactions, such as purchasing and breeding flowers.

2. CryptoFlowers is a non-fungible ERC #721 token that is indivisible and unique.

3. The smart contract has over 38 billion of visual variations of flowers and 2,7e*10^33 genetic variations.

4. Two CryptoFlowers can breed and create a new CryptoFlower.

The Mechanics

The Mechanics

Every flower will have a distinct visual appearance determed by its immutable genes stored in the smart contract. Because flowers are tokens on a blockchain, they can be bought, sold or transferred digitally, with strong guarantees of ownership.

CryptoFlowers ownership will be tracked by a smart contract on the Tron blockchain. New CryptoFlowers are distributed automatically at the rate of 1 every 10 minutes (1008 per week) for one year.

Any two CryptoFlowers can breed together to produce a new Flower, which is a genetic mix of two parents. A new growing seedling will be added to the game and two parents will have to take a rest before they can breed again. When a seedling grows up, their visual appearance and traits are revealed. The seedling is available for breeding immediately after growing.

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